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Custom Mouthguard Fayetteville, AR

Sports-related injuries and trauma are two of the most common reasons for tooth loss and tooth damage. Finding the appropriate way to keep your smile protected during sports can reduce your risk of injury. One of the most effective ways to protect your smile during sports is with a custom mouthguard.

A traditional mouthguard comes in multiple sizes but isn’t specifically made to fit your mouth. Store bought mouthguards are often ill-fitting, resulting in inadequate protection to the teeth, gums, and jaw.

Custom fit mouthguards are created with your specific measurements in mind, so it fits every groove of your mouth. A well-fitted mouthguard offers maximum protection against sports-related injury to the teeth and jaw.

Fayetteville dentist Dr. Keech offers custom fit mouthguards to meet your every dentistry need. If you would like to learn more about custom mouthguards for sports or custom sleep guards, visit Greenway Dental Care.

Benefits of a Custom Mouthguard

Custom mouthguards offer several advantages over store bought mouthguards. A custom fit mouthguard is designed for you based on the measurements from your dental impressions; this ensures that your mouthguard fits every groove and space in your mouth, allowing for a more comfortable fit.

In addition, patients with custom made mouthguards can look forward to these benefits:

  • Helps protect the lower jaw from injury
  • Reduces the risk of contact sports-related concussions
  • Protects against fractured and chipped teeth
  • Reduce the risk of knocked out teeth
  • You can communicate clearly with your coach and teammates
  • Minimizes stress on the neck
  • Reduces the risk of bruising and injury to the mouth

With a custom mouthguard, you can focus on the game at hand. You no longer need to clench your jaw to keep it in place or adjust your mouthguard during play because a custom mouthguard is designed just for you.

Due to its superior design, a custom mouthguard will effectively absorb the shock of a blow to the mouth, allowing your teeth, neck, and jaw to stay intact.

Custom Mouthguards in Fayetteville, AR

Designing a custom fit mouthguard only requires two visits to our Fayetteville dentist office. During the first visit, Dr. Keech will take impressions of your mouth and discuss your color options. With a custom mouthguard, you have the freedom to choose a design and color that best suits your personality. We will also discuss options to address dental issues before fitting you with a mouthguard. This will ensure that your new mouthguard will not cause issues by fixing any underlying dental issues first.

Once the impression is taken, and the design is chosen, we will send the information to a local dental lab. During your second appointment, we will fit your mouthguard and, if needed, we will make any minor adjustments. After your second appointment, you are free to use your mouthguard. You now have the ability to play confidently again knowing that your teeth and jaw are protected.

We do recommend that younger patients get fit for a mouthguard more regularly because of their growing smiles. A great rule of thumb is to visit our office every season. 

Custom Mouthguards FAQs

Is it easier to breathe in a custom mouthguard?

Yes, a custom made mouthguard will allow the athlete to breathe easier while playing sports. This is a huge advantage over generic mouthpieces. Since they are made from impressions of the teeth, there is no unnecessary materiel left over that will interfere with heavy breathing. This will allow the athlete to perform better.

What kind of injuries does a custom mouthguard prevent?

A custom fitted mouthguard can prevent many more injuries than a typical store-bought mouth piece. This includes deep cuts to the tongue, lips and the soft tissue on the sides of your mouth. A laceration anywhere inside the mouth will result in a very bloody injury that can cause trauma and may require stitches. A custom mouthguard is also offers better protection for you teeth by helping to avoid chipped or broken teeth, root or nerve damage and tooth loss.

Will I need a new mouthguard after dental work?

If you have dental work completed that changes any part of your bite, then yes you will need to have a new mouth piece made. The mouthguard must fit to your exact bite to offer the best protection.