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Denture Implants Fayetteville, AR

Thanks to advances in dental technology, dental implants have evolved into the best way to replace missing teeth. Patients missing all of their upper or lower teeth (or both) can now replace their teeth with a natural solution, one that will mimic natural teeth seamlessly. Denture implants involve using dental implants and a custom made denture to replace a whole arch of teeth. During a consultation with Dr. Richard Keech, a well-respected restorative dentist in Fayetteville, AR, he will determine if this is the right teeth replacement solution for you.

Denture Implants Fayetteville, AR

How Do Denture Implants Work?

Denture implants provide a suitable alternative to replacing a whole upper or lower arch of teeth. The denture relies on dental implants for support. These implants are surgically inserted in the bone making them very sturdy. They provide better support for the denture versus the denture relying on suction or adhesive. Teeth implants help the set of false teeth work and look more like natural teeth. Dr. Keech can utilize anywhere from two to eight implant posts to secure the denture depending on your needs and bone density.

Types of Denture Implants

A denture implant can work in several ways depending on how many implants are being used and if it is replacing the top or bottom arch. Generally speaking, there are two kinds: a denture that snaps onto the implants and is removable by the patient and a denture that is fixed in place with screws.

Snap-In Denture

A denture that snaps in places uses about two to four (or more) implant posts. Most of them operate by using a ball-retained system. The denture will have built-in implant attachments that will snap into the corresponding implant post. You will be able to place and remove your dentures daily. Keeping the appliance and your gums clean will be a much easier task. This type of denture implant is more affordable than screw-in dentures. You will not have to worry about your teeth shifting or slurring speech. However, if using this method to replace the upper arch, the palate part of the denture is still used.

Screw-In Denture

Many patients prefer to use the screw-in method to secure the denture despite the fact that it costs more. Even though the appliance isn’t removed for cleaning, a strict oral hygiene routine is necessary to remove food particles that may get caught underneath it. Failure to remove stuck food can cause gum irritation that can develop into gum disease or an infection.

This type of denture requires at least four dental implants. During the final phase of your treatment, Dr. Keech will secure with denture by using screws. After this, only a dentist will be able to remove them. Screw-in denture implants are the most stable option available for missing teeth. There is zero risk of the teeth shifting and they will prevent bone loss in the jaw.

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