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Should I Rinse My Mouth Out With Water?

At Greenway Dental Care, Dr. Keech and his team of talented dental professionals aims to provide our patients with all the information they need to know in order to care for their smiles.

Fayetteville AR dental cleaningOur Fayetteville, AR dentist office offers the services and experiences you need to improve and maintain your dental health. While rinsing your mouth out with water is usually a good idea, in certain cases, it may be best to avoid doing this. We provide additional information on how and when to rinse your mouth out with water, as well as when to avoid doing so, below:

Saltwater Rinses

If you undergo an invasive dental procedure, often your aftercare instructions will include suggested saltwater rinses. Saltwater rinses are used to help keep any incision sites or mouth abrasions clean while they are healing. It may be harder for patients to brush and floss around the affected area for a few days following the procedure. In the meantime, a saltwater rinse can be used to prevent infection and maintain a clean smile. To make a homemade saltwater solution, combine ½ a teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water. Avoid using cold water as this may cause increased sensitivity. Remember not to swallow any of the saltwater after you are done rinsing.

After Midday Meals

Keeping fresh breath after midday meals can be a challenge. If you work, attend school, or spend most of your time out of your house, it may be difficult to brush and floss after every meal. Following midday meals and snacks, patients can instead opt for a quick rinse with water to help reduce the number of food residues left behind on their smiles. Additionally, using mouthwash or chewing sugar-free gum will also help dislodge any particles remaining in between your teeth. The longer food residue remains on your dental structures, the more likely they are to irritate your gums or cause tooth decay. When brushing and flossing are not convenient options, rinsing your mouth out with water will help keep your breath fresh in the meantime.

After Brushing Your Teeth

Many patients utilize a toothpaste that contains active ingredients for combating dental decay, tooth discoloration, and increased sensitivity. When you rinse your mouth out with water immediately after brushing your teeth, these ingredients get washed away. The goal of these products is to leave behind helpful ingredients on your smile. By washing them away immediately after applying them, you are significantly reducing their effectiveness. This is why patients are encouraged not to rinse their mouth out with water immediately following brushing their teeth. To learn more about improving your oral hygiene, schedule an appointment with Greenway Dental Care today.