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3 Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

Many patients visit our Fayetteville, AR dentist office in need of tooth extraction services. This is often because their wisdom teeth are growing in, and are causing them pain. Additionally, patients may need a tooth extraction if a permanent tooth becomes severely damaged or decayed.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Fayetteville, AR

At Greenway Dental Care, we work with you to make you feel as comfortable as possible through all aspects of your care. Here are our three best tips for tooth extraction aftercare:

Oral Hygiene

It’s important to keep your extraction site as clean as possible as it heals. Following the procedure, you may brush your teeth gently, avoiding the extraction site. Do not spit after brushing your teeth. Instead, hold your mouth open over the sink to release any liquids. The day after the procedure, you may begin practicing your typical oral hygiene routine. You should also rinse your mouth out several times a day during the first few days following the procedure. At-home salt water rinses should consist of 1/2tsp of salt mixed with 1 cup of warm water. Keeping your mouth clean and avoiding disturbing the surgical site are both essential to ensure proper healing.

Diet Matters

Soft foods and bland liquids are preferred the first day following your tooth extraction. As you heal, you may slowly progress toward eating more solid foods. However, you should not eat any foods that cannot be gently chewed or swallowed without discomfort. We recommend avoiding snacks like potato chips, nuts, sunflower seeds, popcorn, or any sticky candies that may get lodged in the socket areas. Proper nutrition aids in the healing process, so do your best to keep an eye on your diet and ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you need to aid in faster healing. For beverages, we recommend avoiding using a straw as any suction motion could cause air pockets to form in the extraction site.

Get Some Rest

Take time to rest immediately following your tooth extraction procedure. As you heal, you should avoid any strenuous activities, heavy lifting,  or exercising for the first few days. Most patients will experience various levels of discomfort while healing from the tooth extraction procedure. Take any prescribed pain medication as directed, and contact our office immediately if your pain does not progressively get worse within the first week following the procedure. Swelling may occur following your extraction and may take a few days to subside. As you rest,  apply cold compresses to the outside of your cheek and jaw where the extraction was completed. After 48 hours, you may switch to applying heat for comfort. This will help manage your discomfort or swelling.

If you are in need of tooth extraction services in Fayetteville, AR, please contact us to schedule a consultation.