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How To Fix A Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth can happen to any patient. It’s important to know what steps to take in order to protect your smile. At Greenway Dental Care, our team takes the time to employ patient education resources at every visit. We find that when patients are informed on the proper ways to care for their smile, they are able to maintain a healthy smile and reduce their risk of developing complex dental concerns.

If you are dealing with a chipped or damaged tooth, we encourage you to visit our office for the care you need. Greenway Dental Care is a trusted family dentist in Fayetteville, AR, who offers comprehensive solutions for many types of dental concerns, including chipped teeth.

How to fix a chipped tooth fayetteville ar

Treatment Options For A Chipped Tooth

The type of treatment you receive for a chipped tooth will depend on the severity of the damage. If only a small part of the enamel has chipped, we may be able to treat repair your tooth in one office visit. However, for patients who have experienced a badly chipped tooth, we may recommend a more advanced treatment option. Depending on your needs, we may recommend one of the following treatment options for a chipped tooth:

  • Dental veneers: Veneers are designed to fit perfectly over the front and sides of your teeth to create a beautiful smile. Depending on your needs, veneers can be made from a thin, tooth-colored resin or dental porcelain. Our team creates custom veneers that are tailored to meet each patient’s specific dental needs and cosmetic goals.
  • Dental bonding: Dental bonding can often be completed in one office visit. Bonding utilizes tooth-colored composite resin to help rebuild a chipped tooth. During the bonding procedure, we will gently etch the surface of the affected teeth and carefully mold the resin until the desired shape is reached. Once complete, we will harden the composite resin using a special light.
  • Dental Crown: If you have experienced an extensive amount of tooth damage, we may recommend a dental crown. We can prepare the affected tooth and place a custom crown to cap the entire area of damage. A dental crown can protect the tooth as well as improve its function and overall appearance.

Visit Our Fayetteville Dental Office

To learn more about your treatment options for a chipped tooth, visit Greenway Dental Care and the trusted team at Greenway Dental Care. Our team can work with you to find the best solution for your smile. To explore your treatment options, call (479) 217-3178 or request an appointment online.