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Are You a Candidate for a Dental Bridge?

Missing teeth can have a severe impact on your oral health and appearance. Even if the teeth missing don’t affect your smile line, the gaps left behind can start to affect your bite and remaining teeth. Missing teeth could be restored with dental bridges in Fayetteville, AR. However, a dental bridge isn’t the only option for missing teeth. In some cases, your dentist may recommend additional treatment if you aren’t a good candidate for a dental bridge. If you have missing teeth, talk to your dentist today to see if a bridge could be right for you.

DENTAL BRIDGES in Fayetteville AR can help restore missing teeth

Requirements for Dental Bridges in Fayetteville, AR

Missing teeth have a variety of treatment options available for restoration. Because each mouth and case is different, each treatment plan will be different, too. While some patients may benefit from a dental bridge, others may need a denture, partial, or other treatment to restore their bite and smile. If you have missing teeth, your dentist will need to examine your mouth to see if a bridge is the right option.

Health of Remaining Teeth

One of the most important factors in deciding whether or not to get a bridge is the health of your remaining teeth. While a denture-supported bridge is a common treatment option, there are also bridges that are supported by neighboring teeth. Regardless of which bridge you have, keeping your remaining teeth strong and healthy is key to ensuring your bridge lasts as long as possible. If your teeth are damaged or diseased, a bridge may not be right for your mouth.

Number and Location of Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is typically used to replace multiple missing teeth. However, the teeth missing need to be in the same area of the mouth. If you’re missing just one tooth, your dentist may recommend a single dental implant as opposed to a bridge. And if you’re missing multiple teeth but in different locations, your dentist can help create a treatment plan that could restore your smile without the use of a bridge. 

At-Home Hygiene

Keeping your teeth and gums clean at home can help prevent disease and decay. Practicing good oral hygiene is crucial when you have a restoration like a dental bridge. Without proper care, dental bridges can lose their effectiveness and become damaged. For patients who are unable to properly brush, floss, and maintain their bridge, an alternate treatment may be the preferred option. 

At Greenway Dental Care, we believe that every patient deserves a strong bite and a confident smile. If you’re missing teeth in your mouth, a dental bridge could be the answer. Call our office today at (479) 217-3178 to learn more about our treatment options and to schedule a consultation. After examining your mouth, we’ll come up with a treatment plan that could restore your smile and strengthen your bite.