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Can Straightening Teeth Improve Oral Health?

Crooked or overcrowded teeth are not just a cosmetic issue. While you may want a straighter smile to improve self-confidence, you can also receive the added benefit of better oral health. Learn the connections between straight teeth and oral health in Fayetteville, AR. We help patients with crooked, misaligned, and overcrowded teeth avoid painful symptoms and create a more balanced smile.

straighten teeth in Fayetteville, AR

Benefits of Straight Teeth in Fayetteville

There are many advantages to straightening teeth. Straighter teeth can:

Create an Even Bite

Uneven bites create strain on the teeth and jaw. Oftentimes, patients with crooked teeth can develop temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). Sometimes, straightening teeth can minimize TMD symptoms like headaches, jaw pain, and jaw clicking and popping. It is often uncomfortable to bite and chew with an uneven bite, even if patients do not have TMD.

Prevent Tooth Wear

Misaligned teeth can wear down teeth unevenly. An uneven bite, crooked teeth, or TMD can cause excessive tooth wear. If teeth wear down to the dentin, the layer beneath the enamel, patients can experience tooth sensitivity. Patients with excessive tooth wear may also require dental crowns or other restorations to bring function back to their smiles.

Minimize Tooth and Gum Decay

Because it can be difficult to clean between crooked teeth, many patients can experience tooth decay or gum disease. Decay often occurs when harmful bacteria feed on sugars and starches left in the mouth. Bacteria then create digestive acids that wear away the tooth enamel and inflame the gum tissue. As a result, patients develop gum disease or cavities that break down their tooth enamel.

Straighten Your Smile Today

We offer Invisalign treatment for patients with crooked teeth. Invisalign utilizes clear trays that cover the upper and lower rows of teeth. Patients can easily remove these aligners to eat, drink, and clean their teeth. Invisalign aligners are a more discreet and comfortable way to straighten teeth over time. Patients switch out each pair of aligners every two weeks as each new pair shifts teeth into straighter positions.

Teens and adults who are in good oral health but otherwise want a straighter smile benefit from Invisalign treatment. We will take x-rays and complete a thorough exam for patients to ensure they are good candidates for Invisalign aligners. Our team also utilizes diagnostic technology to map out patients’ treatment and predict their end results.

Do you want a straighter smile? Call Greenway Dental Care for treatment with Invisalign today at (479) 217-3178. Feel free to request a dental consultation with our dental team on our website. We’re excited to help you meet all of your cosmetic goals. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions about Invisalign or treatments for TMD, and we can assist you.